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Bermuda News Weather Property Rentals Jobs Reviews Social
December 7, 2019

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In Step 8 one unique picture can be optionally added to each web page. In Step 9 a "logo" type picture may be optionally selected which will appear at the top of every page on the site.
For further information on Step 9 click here.

The unique picture for Step 8 will appear centered on the page between the Title and Body. Only pictures of GIF and JPG formats will be accepted.

Pictures must be less than 40k and if the LeftBar menu style is selected in Step 4 the picture must be no wider than 370 pixels.

Check out Spinwave which provides a free online picture compression service.

Checkout MyImager which provides additional free online graphics manipulation tools including resizing graphics options.

For more information visit our Graphics FAQ.

To add a picture, in Step 8, click the Browse button to locate the picture file on your system and then click the Upload button to load the picture onto the server. After the picture has been uploaded a message will appear in the Step 8 section to indicate if the upload was successful or not.

The Mac verion of IE 4.5 does not download properly - upgrade to 5.0.

If successful, a thumbnail (scaled down version) of the picture will appear on the right hand side of the Step 8 section. When replacing an existing picture the thumbnail will not update after the upload. To update the thumbnail click Refresh or Reload. Some browsers logout when Refresh is clicked - you will need to log back in.

To remove a picture from a web page click the Upload button without clicking the Browse button first. After the Upload the thumbnail may still display the old picture. To clear the picture click Refresh or Reload.

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